I am a

Design Generalist

with a passion for user experience


designer, developer, dog lover

a brief history


in St. Louis, MO


from the University of Missouri


to Austin, TX


Designed & built
this website!

i am...

pisces icon

a Pisces, and I love the accompanying simple symbol.

eye icon

an aesthete. No pretty things are lost on me.

tea icon

somewhat of a coffee drinker, but mostly a tea drinker.

chef's hat icon

happy when I'm cooking and when trying new cuisines.

cactus icon

aspiring to hone my green thumb. Succulents are some of my favorites.

moon icon

an appreciator of heavenly bodies in the night sky.

music icon

a singer. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music.

crown icon

representing. My first name means "princess" and my last name is a castle in Belgium.

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what i do

I am the Lead Front-End Designer at an association in downtown Austin. As part of the marketing department, I advocate for the user in balancing their experience with our marketing objectives. I develop solutions and interactions, design and build websites and other digital products, establish brand and process guidelines, and contribute to content strategy. I take a holistic approach to my work and I'm prone to digging deep into projects. I love what I do and I'm always working to learn new skills. Currently, I am focusing on enhancing my UX/UI and product design skillset.

what i've done

ACFE.com Redesign
In progress

ACFE.com Case Study

UX research, product design

Compensation Guide

Compensation Guide

branding, IxD, development

2-17 Report to Members

Report to Members

content strategy, design, development

Dot Game

Dot Game

UI design, development

Online Manual

Online Manual

UX/UI, design, development

Report to the Nations

Report to the Nations

content strategy, design, development

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